Bellysima Technique & Drill Class 

This class assumes you have mastered the basics of bellydance.

Technique:   Each week we focus on a particular group of isolations or other special topics such as shimmies, layering or travel moves helping you delve deeper into your dance.

Performance Skills:  Explore those elusive details that will make you sparkle on stage - stage presence, intentional movement, building your dance character, facial expressions, poise.

Tribal Dancing:  Learn and refine Tribelle Chic tribal techniques and improve your fundamentals, while understanding the staging, rules, and props.  Mastering Tribelle Chic is a pre-requisite to joining the Bellas dance troupe.

Drop in rate: $12/class. Full session in advance:  $60/6 weeks

Wednesday 10:30am|138 Independence St. Berkeley Springs WV

Bellysima Beginner Class 

Introductory level class.  Learn the ABC's of bellydance. You'll receive plenty of one-on-one attention as we thoroughly break down the basic bellydance moves or isolations.  Explore moving your body in a whole new way, helping you discover the dancer within.  No dance experience necessary, all fitness levels welcome.

Drop in rate: $12/class. Full session in advance:  $60/6 weeks

Wednesday 6:30pm|138 Independence St. Berkeley Springs WV

Bellysima Bellas Dance Troupe

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Private Instruction

​Learn bellydance basics, become more technically proficient in your dance vocabulary, polish your performance style, get help finishing your solo choreography, or just refine your overall dance technique.

Schedule your one on one session or sessions with Angela and study bellydance at the time and place of your choosing.

$75/session. Includes 90 minutes of private instruction.